Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm back.

Hi! It's me, Grendel!

I'm sorry I've been away. My legs have been hurting me lately so I haven't been in the InterTubes. Mom has been giving me some Special Stuff to help dogs:
It's called Glue, 'Cause I'm Eem and Can Draw Tim. The Glue helps hold your joints together. I don't know what "Eem" means but maybe it means "kindy shaky like on my legs". There's also Omigod 3. (It's not Swearing, 'cause it's medicine.)

(Mom thinks I have arthritis and I have to go see the Shabazz-man tomorrow to get Strong Medicine for it). She also built me a ramp but I will save that for later.

I have an adventure to share with you. This happened a while back. First off, I met Joe. He is a Major Dog Acceptor and and all-around Gooperson.
This is where Joe lives and Parties with the Dogs.

I had to Pass a Test to get to stay with Joe. It's called a Non-Agressive Dog Test. To make sure I don't Snouterize anyone.

Mom and Da were not sure I would pass, 'cause of the Misanthropic part. The Growlies. But I showed them! I passed with Flying Colors!

This is not a very good photo of Joe and Me.

And so I got to go to Doggy Day Care!!

All the Good Dogs Party Together! No keeping us apart in Cages.
These are my friends Angus and Cardinal Biggles.
They wanted to know if I am a Major Dog Partyer. I said, "You bet!"
Here is another view of them.

This is my friend Sir Snodgrass. He has a Pedigree. I was a little scared of him but you know, he's Just Big. Not Mean.

This is Satchmo Mushmouth and Dante. They are Big Dogs with Big Hearts. Satchmo has Gas. I stay away from his Behind Quarters.

This is Cricket. Cricket is Older than Dirt. I mean, REALLY old. Trousers rolled. I wonder if I will ever get as old as Cricket?

This is The Doodler. He can jump!!!

I went and stayed with Joe and the Party Dogs when Mom and Da had to go away for a day. It was Fun!

But I was glad to come home.

Mom made Warm Laundry Love for me. It helps with the Ache.

Well, that's it for now. I will tell you about my ramp and the visit to Shabazz-man tomorrow!!

Peace out, Scout!

Love and Gravy,