Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gravy in Heaven

I just found out that Cub has gone to Heaven. I will miss him so. I wrote this poem for him.

There is Gravy in Heaven for Cub today
His suffering is over, his pain is all gone,
But the Lonely Place on the Sofa,
The Empty Bowl in the Kitchen,
the Sadness humans feel for dogs,
Weighs on their hearts like a Lead Blanket.
The Noble Brotherhood of Dogs
joins in mourning our fallen friend
But we know, we know, we who dwell
Only for a Short Time here on earth
The Joys that wait for us above

Dear Typist, and Alpha, and Boy,
You made Cub's life a Dog's Delight
We Love you all. God's Comfort come
and help to fill the loss you feel
But soon we all will Meet again
United at the Rainbow Bridge
No sadness, sorrow anymore
And there will be Rejoicing Much
And Gravy, surely, evermore
For all of us in Heaven

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ophelia is Still Here.

I wonder why. They keep talking about Putting Her in the Microwave but it Never Happens. Da calls her "Oliver" instead of "Ophelia". That is funny.

Someone bought her a Hideous Squeaky Ball and she makes it squeak ALL DAY LONG! It is torture. So I steal it and sit on it so she can't have it. Is that So Wrong?

She also has a Homunculous. This is it here. It used to squeak too but I fixed that when she wasn't looking. (Is that so wrong??)

This is me Not Sharing the Warm Laundry. Is that So Wrong?

Here I am trying to shove her into the Construction Site so that the Men With Trucks can Run Over Her. (Is that So Wrong?)

We go on Long Walks on Saturdays. This is the Best Time of All!

In spite of all her faults, I think she is kind of growing on me, though. (Is that so Wrong??)