Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ophelia is Still Here.

I wonder why. They keep talking about Putting Her in the Microwave but it Never Happens. Da calls her "Oliver" instead of "Ophelia". That is funny.

Someone bought her a Hideous Squeaky Ball and she makes it squeak ALL DAY LONG! It is torture. So I steal it and sit on it so she can't have it. Is that So Wrong?

She also has a Homunculous. This is it here. It used to squeak too but I fixed that when she wasn't looking. (Is that so wrong??)

This is me Not Sharing the Warm Laundry. Is that So Wrong?

Here I am trying to shove her into the Construction Site so that the Men With Trucks can Run Over Her. (Is that So Wrong?)

We go on Long Walks on Saturdays. This is the Best Time of All!

In spite of all her faults, I think she is kind of growing on me, though. (Is that so Wrong??)


FranIAm said...

Grendel - I can feel your heart softening from here.

You do love Ophelia, yet I can understand why you are loathe to admit it.

I adore you Grendel!!

DogBlogger said...

I, The Boy, am glad you are Putting Up With when it comes to Ophelia. Cub did a good job of Putting Up With when I came. But she was really sick last time I saw her, and she didn't come back home. So I guess she's not Putting Up With any more.
-- The Boy

Diane said...


You are doing a good thing for Ophelia, and so is your mom. It takes time. be patient.

Diane said...

I hope you can go over and comfort The Boy

Rowan said...

Oh,... The Boy made my guardian cry.

Listen Grendel, you've got to do what you've got to do but i think The Boy gave you good advice. And Ophelia does have those big endearing ears.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

I'm thinking you are okay on just about everything except trying to get the construction guys to run her over. (You might want to try sharing the laundry too---but small steps are good!)

Ear scritches to you, my friend. I've missed knowing what you are up to.


Wormwood's Doxy said...

Oh, and The Boy made me sad too. Ear scritches to him. God bless Cub.

Paul said...

Dear Grendel,
Thanks for the photos and the update. I have been wondering how you've been, how you've been coping with Ophelia, and I really appreciate hearing from you.

I think you are doing very well. Doxy is right that the trying to get her run over is not very good and I bet you would miss her if Anything Bad happened.

Ophelia is very lucky to have a big friend and Putting Up With is a good thing. Sometimes it is very hard to do, but it's a good thing. You may find that it will be nice for you to have a little friend and it will get easier to be with each other and eventually you won't even be Putting Up With anymore, just being friends.

That may seem Very Unlikely now but good surprises happen.

Consolation to The Boy and all Cub's friends, including the two-legged ones. Ear skritches and gravy for everyone!

zorra said...

Hi Grendel--it's good to hear from you. Personally I think you are being more patient with Ophelia than my sister Zorra ever was with ME. (Mama says the Not Putting Up With went both ways, but I'm sure I don't know what she means.)

Mama and I are sad when we think about Cub. I want to go see The Boy and give him some kisses and some gravy.


Alcibiades said...

Great to see you back Grendel! BlackStar has just insisted I share Some Important Tips from one who also cohabits with a Rat-dog: They can come in useful if you need someone to blame for something you really did...

... and they don't always finish their Gravy before getting distracted and running off...

... and now winter is coming to our part of the world they make great little hot water bottles when you both feel like snuggling.