Sunday, October 28, 2007

What is a "Gooperson"?

A Gooperson is the opposite of a Baperson.

Gooperson is a special kind of Dog Acceptor.

It is like the first drink of cold water after the long hot walk.

It is like the sound that the doorknob makes when mom walks in from work.

It is like burrowing into the laundry warm from the dryer.

It is the feeling of lying on your back with all four paws in the air, knowing you are safe.

That's "Gooperson".

Catching Up

mom is At School, even though it is Sunday. She is Catching Up. I tried to go in with her once on the Weekend but there are stairs, and I didn't want to go up them. So we went into the Box Room and it went up. I didn't like it. I stay home now.

I hope mom comes home soon. I hope she Catches Up.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Gravy Love: a Poem

Which is better,
Love or Gravy?
It is hard to choose between.

If I had to
Choose between them
I'd take Gravy over Love

Gravy comes
out of the Bottle
and it makes the Food Taste Good

Love is sometimes
not as Easy
Even when you Think you Should

Friday, October 19, 2007

I Go to the Vet (But I am O.K.)

Not to worry, I am OK. But I had to go for a Bunch of Things.

I was very excited yesterday when mom put on the leash and took me out the back door. (That is Unusual. It usually means a ride! Yay!)

At first I think it is Just a Ride in the Car.

But, uh-oh. It's the Vet!!!
Our Vet's name is the Shabazz-Man. He takes care of me and the six cats. Mom and dad go to a different Vet.

I love Cassandra. She helps out the Shabazz-Man. She is always smiling and is a Major Dog Acceptor.

Here is the Shabazz-Man getting ready to stick a Big Needle in me. You can't see my face but I am Scared.

Why is the Shabazz-Man so happy? I am not happy.

Thye have to put the muzzle on me at this point because I Start Misbehaving.

Besides the Shots I also got my drewclaws clipped and Things Looked At and Listened To. That part was Not So Bad. (oh, mom says it is Dew Claws)

The Bad Part is over and now I am waiting for mom to pay and to get Paperwork that says I can go to the Dog Trainer and Doggie DayCare without any problems. Mom says that based on how good I was at the Blessing that it Might Be OK for me to interact more with other dogs. Dad is not so sure. (What does "In a pig's Eye" mean??)

This dog was Next Door to the Vet. Her name is Roxie. She has a Koi Pond. (That means fish.)

Then we went home again.

At the moment, I Feel Traumatized. But now I am Better...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

People Who Accept Dogs

are very good. Lots of people Don't Accept Dogs. My mom says there must be Something Wrong with Those People. I think so too.

I know that Padre Mickey Accepts Dogs. So does Mad Priest, although I am a little scared of him. I think Grandmère Mimi does, too.

And of course, Lindy and Diane. They are Major Dog Acceptors.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Pound: a poem

Ugly Butt-Puppy
in the Pound
Wants his Mother
to Lick Him.

Here I go!

I'm here. Grendel the Dog.

I hope Rowan will interview me. He's great and goes swimming.

I make poems because I have aches inside and the poems help.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hi, I'm Grendel

and this is my blog.