Thursday, October 18, 2007

People Who Accept Dogs

are very good. Lots of people Don't Accept Dogs. My mom says there must be Something Wrong with Those People. I think so too.

I know that Padre Mickey Accepts Dogs. So does Mad Priest, although I am a little scared of him. I think Grandmère Mimi does, too.

And of course, Lindy and Diane. They are Major Dog Acceptors.


Mary Clara said...

Dear Grendel, there are some of us humans who do not merely accept dogs. We love dogs. We admire dogs. We honor dogs. We do not want to think of the planet (and especially ourselves) ever, ever being without dogs.

I think you could aim higher, honey!

xxoo, Mary Clara

Alcibiades said...

We believe people that don't accept dogs should be Barked At.
Barking is an awful lot of fun when it's at someone you don't like, and perhaps the people who don't accept us are just jealous that they can't do it.

Our Dad says that this only makes them like us less, and he's probably right.

But we don't care, because we're Dogs, and we know that deep down he'd like to bark at them too.

Blackstar & Fiver
PS. Thank your Mum for saying such nice things to our Dad

Linda McMillan said...

Yes, dear Grendel, I am a major dog acceptor and I desire no higher or nobler title than that. You have paid me a dear compliment.

Your human friend,


PS - Rowan says HI.

Diane said...

thank you Grendel. It's true. I don't deny it. I am a dog accepter. I would love to find a church that would accept my dog to come to the church office with me occasionally!

Thanks for the praise!

And Grendel, that is a lovely picture of you.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Me too! Me too!

Jasper is snoring loudly at my feet as I type this. He looks like he feels pretty thoroughly accepted... ;-)

Grendel said...

Wow, there are a lot of Dog Acceptors out there!!!

mary clara, the way my mom explained Dog Acceptance to me is this: it means more than just they think dogs are ok. It means that they Accept them with the whole of their being, with a giant Woof of Love, that makes the Cosmic Tail wag. To accept dogs means taking us out in the cold morning hours and a lot of picking up of poop and expensive vet bills and that time that I heaved up all over my kennel and mom did not yell but Gave Love.

And alcibiades, my mom told me about the guy you are named for in Greek history--he was Very Clever and Good Looking. So that is why you must have been named that. And you are brave, too, from what she says. I think Dog Non-Acceptors should be Barked At too.

How can someone be Human and Not Accept Dogs? But some Don't.

And Lindy, you REALLY Accept Dogs. Rowan is a Lucky Dog.

And I love you, Doxy. You are a Gooperson, which is the Highest Praise a dog can give a Dog Acceptor.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

And I love you, Doxy. You are a Gooperson, which is the Highest Praise a dog can give a Dog Acceptor.

That is absolutely the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. It made water come in my eyes.

Hugs to you, Grendel. From Jasper the Toothless Wonder Dog (the new ones are still coming in) and Doxy, who is so proud to be a Gooperson she may have to howl at the moon tonight.

Diane said...

what's a gooperson? sounds absolutely wondogerful.

Mary Clara said...

Grendel, dear, thank you for that excellent explanation of Dog Acceptance. Your mom is a very wise person.

Giant Woof of Love!!!
xxoo, Mary Clara

Aghaveagh said...

Dear Mary Clara,

You are welcome here. I bet you are a Dog Acceptor too.

Dear Diane,

Thank you for coming by. I wrote about the Gooperson on the blog so that everyone would know.

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

I accept dogs. But they make barky sounds and have large pointy teeth. And they don't smell like cats. But I don't get out my claws unless they get in my face. Really. SO I accept dogs. Just not in MY house.

The Shadow Princess

Elia said...

People should read this.