Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hi, I'm Grendel

and this is my blog.


Diane said...

looking forward to your posts, Grendel. -- Scout

Rowan The Dog said...

Hey Grendel, thanks a bunch for coming over to my blog and leaving that nice poem. You are pretty impressive. Most of my dog friends do well just to woof out a few sentences. But, a poem! That is just stupendous. I hope you will consider yourself poet laureate of my blog and feel free to publish your poetry there anytime.



PS - HI Scout!

Aghaveagh said...

Thank you, Scout and Rowan.

It is a big honor to be a poet. I'm not very good with attention. I think that both Scout and Rowan are going to be my friends if they don't mind that I get very shy and I have to bite my rear end.

And Rowan, I shut myself up in my kennel today. Mom says it's all about Sol-id-air-it-tee. I don't know, I just felt bad that you can't go out.


The Lady Mistabel said...

Oh, how wonderful, Grendel. Welcome to the world of doggie blogdom.