Monday, June 30, 2008

Abandoned, again.

They Are Gone.

Mom and Da.
What did I Do Wrong?

Mom just got off the plane and then Left Again.

They are in France. I think dogs are Allowed to eat in Restaurants in France. Is this True?

But Dave-O is here, and I like him a lot. He works at Starbucks and takes me there. He says I am Becoming a Real Dog. (This means no Biting, Growling, or Eating Bad Things.

He Knows about Gravy because Mom told him Not to Forget.

It has been so long that I have a Very Important Story to tell:

Ophelia is GONE.

She went home to South Dakota with Chadster and the Kennenator. She got to Ride in the Car all the way. They took all her toys (except the Snuffleupagus, I Hid it.)

Mom and Da gave her a kennel so that she can have a Place to Life in South Dakota.

So Life is Very Quiet now. Just me and Dave-O. We watch TV together on the couch and I get Lots of Exercise on the walks to Starbucks. We Party with the Crazy People at the Coffee Shop (they Hang Out There.)

It's good to Talk to you again.

PS I wasn't Spozed to go to I Can Has Cheezburger, but I did anyway.

Is that So Wrong??


FranIAm said...

Be still my beating heart!

GRENDEL!!!! I am so happy to see this post.

Ma and Da are off again, eh?

Well enjoy your time with Dave and I sure wish I could just come down to the Starbucks and hang out with you, but 3000 miles is a long way... Even if it is to see you!

And Ophelia moved to South Dakota! Wow.

Thanks for the update. I missed you terribly.

DogBlogger said...

Oh GRENDEL! I am so glad you're back! Just today we were talking about how we missed you.

And then we took The Boy out for frozen custard. He ate his custard a lot faster than we ate ours.

Anyway, it sounds as though life is going well for you, and we are glad of that.

The Typist and The Alpha

Brian R said...

So glad to hear from you again Grendel. And I was right about your mom being in France, one of my bestest places

Frasier said...

Hi grendell
Good to see you again!Make sure your mommy gets you back some goodys from France

Rowan said...

My guardian lets me go to the CheesBurger site on special occasions. It's not so rong.

I love you Grendel.


Lindy said...

I hope Ophelia has a good life. She probably appreciates all the things you taught her Grendel. You're a good dog that way.

By the way, I read a poem called Beowolf last week. There is a dog in that poem named Grendel, and that dog is somewhat misanthropic too!

I'm glad you are blogging again Grendel. I've missed you.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Grendel, my darling! I was nearly frantic about you!

I was on my way from France to Italy when you blogged, with no computer. But I'm back---and so, so happy to see that you and Dave-O are having fun!

While I was gone, Jasper went to the Pet Hotel, where he had his own television and had Movie Time, Cookie Time, and Play Time every day. I suspect he was ambivalent about coming home after all that... (We had a Bad Incident with his last caretaker, and he was much happier being at the fancy Pet Hotel.)

Love you,

Diane said...

it's nice to have you back, Grendel, even if your people are gone to France.

I have heard that dogs can eat in restaurants in France, too.

don't know if it's true, though.