Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm going to Have a Golden Tail!!


It's me, Grendel! I am at the Shabazz-man's place. He has been really nice to me and gave me a Great Steroid Shot that made me feel a Lot Better and made sure I had my Gravy. I have my Green Rug here in the kennel and it's nice and comfy.

But I have to tell you something. My legs don't work anymore. The Shabazz-man said they won't ever work again. But I won't need them anymore. I am going away. I am going up to Heaven to see God and St. Laika and Cub and Cassady and Zorra and Sneakaround Jones and Fluffy and all the dogs who have already gotten their Golden Tails. I'm going to wait for Mom and Da to come see me first, though, to say goodbye.

I am sad for Mom and Da, 'cause they'll miss me, but I am not sad or scared, because I know all about the Last Day. Rowan's guardian splained it so well:
“Imagine you are in the best place you’ve ever been, you feel strong and alert, you are at the top of your game. You might even be running, or just walking along the shore...” “If you look around,” she said, “you will start to see other animals, you will recognize them and maybe even stop to play with them. All your friends from the blog will be there, your fellow canine bishops will be there, and +Maya too. You’ll see Romeo and Buddy. And your human friends will be there too.” After that maybe you can see Jesus and, a’course he’s going to be all happy and laughing and everything. Jesus will definitely give us pets, I feel fairly confident of that. And Jesus’ mother will be there to welcome us to Dog Heaven. Saint Roch, Saint Francis, and MadPriest will be there too naturally and they will all play with us. I am sure one of them will have treats...”
This is a great splanation. Oh, it will be a Joyous Party! Gravy and Love and Golden Tails Galore! Rowan, I'll be waiting for you!

Peace out, Scout!

Love and Gravy and Goodbye,



Padre Mickey said...

Love and gravy and goodbye to you, too, Grendel.
You will be even more beautiful with your golden tail. You are a good dog and will be missed.
Hasta luego!

Lindy said...

Oh Grendel... I am such a silly and selfish human. When I read your post my face got all wet and my eyes swelled up. I cried like a baby right in the library!

Oh, Grendel, go with all the love I can muster. You are such a beautiful dog and your posts have inspired me and lots of other humans too. I do hope that Heaven is like +Rowan said it would be. I am going to pray to Mary and Jesus to come and meet you. They are probably real excited to see you. Look for me because I'll be there too (time is all different where you are going so I really will be there!) Your Mom and Da will be there too...

Thank you, dear Grendel, for showing us how to live and how to love God. I know that you'll be happy forever and always have a bowl full of gavy. I love you Grendel. And, before you know it, I'll be telling you in person.

Safe traveling my canine friend...



Diane said...

Safe journeys. Scout and I will miss you.

Robert said...

My heart goes out to you and your family who I know will grieve your loss.

Brian R said...

I will miss you too Grendel, Till we meet again, love and hugs
Brian R

MikeF said...

Dear Grendel, goodbye, and a joyful homecoming! You'll be missed in places you never imagined!

See you later...

Mike, Jan, and especially Figgy, Lulu, Ruby & Ftifa, the cats.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Thank you dear Grendel, for the wonderful dog life that was yours. I will miss you too, but please say hello to Petee and Kayak and Sam and Mac and Cody and J.R. and Willis Woo for me, I miss them so much too, right this minute!

Go in love, my canine friend!

Lapinbizarre said...

Goodbye from Angie, Bella and bye for now from Becky, who will be with Grendel all too soon. Our love to Zoe, if you see her. And thanks for anything - too few misanthropes in the world.

pj said...

MadPriest sent me, Grendel. You are a very moving writer, did you know that? Safe passage to you and much love and comfort to your humans.

Lois Keen said...

So many doggies to say hello to Grendel, please look for Miss Kate the Princess and for Black Bart and say hello to them for me. I still miss them, and we are still dogless.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Well done, thou good and faithful friend. I will miss you more than I can possibly tell you...

With love in my heart and tears in my eyes, I wish you Godspeed.

Yours always,

Tim said...

Grendel, I'm just now meeting you and you're headed off for better parts. I wish I'd known you longer, but I hadn't heard about you until your friend Fran posted news of your departure on her blog. So excuse my boldness, but I'd like to ask a big favor.

Our cat, Felix, went to heaven two days ago. You may spot him somewhere nearby--maybe in the reception area or during newcomers orientation, etc. He's a terrific orange tabby who acts more like a dog than a cat. I'm sure you two will hit it off just fine.

If you don't mind, could you keep an eye on him, maybe play with him (he loves to fetch), and pass on our love. Tell him we miss him real bad, but we're doing our best without him; he'll be happy to hear that, just like he'll know we'd be doing better if he were around to help.

I wrote a bit about him on my blog and there's a picture to help you recognize him, if you're interested. I envy both of you getting to hang out with Jesus, fully restored to your primes, and free of all pain. Though I hardly know/knew you, I see in you what Felix showed us--unconditional love and joy.

Godspeed, friend. I look forward to getting to know you better once I've moved on. (I'll ask Fee to introduce us!) Til then, I promise to remember your family in my prayers, asking God to help all of us through these tough times.

FranIAm said...

Rest in peace and rise in glory- there will be gravy.

Like I said on my blog - Jesus is a major MAJOR dog acceptor, you will be so happy there.

Have fun with all the other dogs. I am glad that Lindy explained it so well, she is a theologian, you know that? We need her words and wisdom, all of us do.

And she is right in her comment here. This is some crazy human explanation about chronos and kairos, but time and place are not the same so we will all be there. I had not thought of it that way. (thanks Lindy.)

I am really sending Aghaveagh and Da so much love.

You are an inspiration for all time Grendel.

Thank you for all the joy- past, present and future.

Caminante said...

Oh Grendel, you've made this cat-lover cry. May your golden tail wag happily for ever more.

And do look out for Felix. Kittehs and dogs get along where you now are.

DJCinSB said...

Please play with my Mickey too when you see him. He's only been there a couple of months, so I'm sure he can use a friend to pal around with.


Being Peace said...

Peace be with you precious Grendel. Say hi to Katie Dog. Tell her I miss her.
Love, Roseann, Tinker and Belle

Grandmère Mimi said...

Au revoir, Grendel. Say "Hi" to Rusty, Boy, Suki, Memine, Sambo, (I didn't name him) and the others from our family who will be so happy to see you. We will miss you here, but one day, we'll all be together. Say "Hi" to Jesus for me, too.

eileen said...

Godspeed Grendel. Yoda and Prissy, and Ginger and Sargent are playing with you, chasing bees and butterflies, in that happy place.

Love to your humans....

JCF said...

And Sasha and Mitzi! 20+ years later, I still miss them---bark "Hello" to them for me, Grendel?

{{{Hugs}}} to your grieving guardians, Grendel. Enjoy the Happy Hunting Grounds, and all the gravy!

Jane R said...

Dear Holy Grendel of the Golden Tail,
Please give my love to Amadeus, Alyosha, and Sensei. You will get along well.
We will help take care of your humans, Grendel.

scott said...

Wonderful Grendel, i'm sure fountains of gravy will be everywhere, along with lots of other great friends and fun times. i know i'll miss your wonderful voice, but my little canine pal Flapjack will be getting extra gravy in your honor.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Look for Bogart the Great Boxer when you get to heaven, Grendel. He's a great gentleman and will share all of his gravy with you.

Paul said...

Dear Grendel, I know you have your Golden Tail and are very happy right now. But I am bawling like a baby.

What Lindy said, and the others.

Please say Hi to Kazan and remind him that I will come play with you all some day soon.

susan s. said...

Grendel, please look for Old Ring a beautiful black and white dog with a white ring around his neck. He's been there for 40 years and I still think of him often. He has had his golden tail for so long. I am sure you will know him when you see him.
Prayers for your Mom and Da...

Susan O. said...

Oh Grendel, your news brings tears to my eyes. Life on this earth is much too short for our beloved pets! But where you're going, over the Rainbow Bridge, there will be delicious food and cool water to drink, and the weather will be just right--not too warm, not too cold. When you get there, please do a wag-by and visit my Chloe Sierra Sweet Columbine, another very sweet dog you'll just love! She's bigger than you, though-- a golden retriever. But she loves little dogs. And don't forget to always wag your golden tail high and proud!

Ellie Finlay said...

This made me cry.

And all the comments made me cry too.

And I'm not someone who cries easily so it was a gift.

May all humans who posted here and who miss their beloved animals be comforted.

And may the Good Dog Grendel be wonderfully, wonderfully happy.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Made me cry too.

+clumber said...

Bless you, Grendel... I've asked p-cubed and J to welcome you with open paws...

Until we woof together again,

Anonymous said...

Take care, Grendel. We will think of you with the sun warm on your fur and the grass cool under your paws, and plenty of gravy.

And we will think of you saying "hi" to all the four-footers who have left IT and BP over the years. We know how your mom and da will miss you and send them our love.

IT, sniffing mightily

Counterlight said...

Say hello to Pepper, Ginger, Topper, Red, and Fritz for me. And say hello to my old cat Isis. I miss them all. I look forward to seeing you and all of them again some day.

thejanet said...

What a beautiful Golden Tail you have now, I know it is, and know it will just be a couple of naps in your own personal sunbeam before you play with your humans again.

So many dogs and cats you're asked to look for, and I hope you can look for just one more. Our Chico cat has been in heaven almost a month now, he may still be in orientation classes, he's always done things his own way. We called him our dog because of his personality, but he's really a large ginger cat, maybe most ginger cats have a "like dog" gene in them. If you don't have time, it's okay, I'll be there before you know it and will find him and Mits and Charcoal and Kitty and Skipper and Smokey and Bruno and Freckles and Kennebunkport myself.

And I'll look for you, I've read your wisdom for a long time, any friend of +Clumber has always been one of mine. See you soon! For sure!

Juanuchis said...

My heart is simply breaking.

Anonymous said...

Grendel, safe journey. My tears are added to those of all who wrote here and all who mourn the passing of their companions. Marilyn

Anonymous said...

just stumbled here from another blog and wanted to say Grendel has me in tears as well... wish I had found his blog before his "promotion" - I am sure my Ace and Molly were up there to meet him and they're all having a wonderful time with their golden tails - but its just so hard for those of us left here... Many prayers for Grendel's family in this sad time (but happy for Grendel...)

Richard White said...

I had bookmarked this blog moe than a year ago, but hadn't checked it since maybe May 2008. I just checked it today, amd I have to tell you, my eyes are a bit teary.

My own Grendel got her Golden Tail on October 7, 1999. I had her as my friend for 19 years. And yes, her name was Grendel. Here is what I wrote the day she died. I offer it to you in honor of both of our Grendels:

In Honor of a Dog Called Grendel Upon the Occasion of Her Death
October 7, 1999

When I alone, despondent, ponder the fate
Of those departed creatures whose lives I was
Privileged to share, I can but hope
That their lives were equally enriched.

I know that dogs can love.

My companion of 19 years yesterday I laid to rest.
In a hole beneath a towering pine swept by the breeze,
She returned to the Earth from which she came.
A cairn of rocks fixes her remains in place.

I know she is now at peace.

We shared walks in the desert, camped in Mexico
And found whale skulls on the beach.
She walked always by my side, contented.

That dog was my friend.

One year ago, she lost her freedom
To wander wherever she would.
Her will was not bent and her spirit stayed sharp.
Her eyes still held love for us, and for food.

I know that dogs can smile.

But then the shine was gone;
She endured each day with an infinite sadness.
She knew she was ready to leave,
Waiting only for us to accept the inevitable.

I know that dogs understand.

We talked often those last few months.
I thought I was telling her it was ok to leave;
But all the while she was telling me it was time to go.

She taught me how to say goodbye.

I held her in my arms when the time came,
As she drifted off to sleep, never to awake.
Her peaceful face told me we had done the right thing.

I know that dog was loved.

When I alone, despondent, ponder the fate
Of those departed creatures whose lives I was
Privileged to share, I can but hope
That their lives were equally enriched.

I am honored to have known her.

Ellie Finlay said...

Hello, Richard. How interesting that you found this now.

I had to say good-bye to my own beloved Izzy (Anatolian Shepherd) since I posted here. Izzy was diagnosed with bone cancer back in January and made the great transition on the 30th of that month - yes, in my arms as much as an Anatolian Shepherd can be. I miss her SO much!

Your tribute to your Grendel is truly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

May you be blessed.

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