Sunday, July 27, 2008

On the Road, Part 2

Here I am a Hopeful Dog for Chinese Food from my Auntie Natalia:

I like Chinese food very much. (In China, they just call it Food.) Natalia didn't know that It Is Okay to give dogs Treats from Plates. I informed her. Now she is More Aware. I feel this is a Good Public Service.

This is the Demon Kat from Hell: she is very scary and attacked Mom even though Mom is a Major Cat Acceptor. (Why? I Want to Know). Doesn't she look Scary??
She sits in the Doorway and Prevents people from coming in.

Here is the Sign from the Scary Rattlesnake Rest Area in the Desert:

I was Very Careful not to step on a Rattlesnake. (That would not have a Desirable Outcome.)

This is a Giant Golf Ball. It is on a Perch. If it fell off the Perch it would roll downhill. Note how Impressive the sky is. This is Wild and Dramatic Country.

You can't see it too well but this says "Devil Dog Road". I thought it was a Good Name. I wonder who the Devil Dog was who lived here?

Soon we have to go back home to Fres-NO! I am sad. Natalie Merchant says, " Holidays must end as you know.
All is memory taken home with me: "

I will Keep these Memories and Treasure them in my Heart.

Love and Gravy,


On the Road, part 1

So you all know that I Got To Go on the Trip to East Fresno.

There's this guy called Jack Care-a-Whack ('cause he cares a whack about Dogs and Women and something called Port Whine which I don't know what it is, why would people like to Whine? Mom says Don't Do It, not even in a Port, which is By the Sea) and he wrote a Big Long Story on a Paper Towel Roll called "On the Road" how he went off on Great Adventures and since I had Great Adventures I thought I would call it that too, 'cause I don't think Jack Care-a-Whack would care because he's dead and all that. Da calls it "homage à." But it's Mainly Pictures.

This is the Very Important Packing of the Gravy and the Food Bowl and the Boners:

Here I am getting ready to go in the car.

I am So Happy that I Get to Go!

Here I am Protectioning the Back Seat (that's my Pillow on the Seat):

Mom says that $5.19 for gas is Too Much. (I give gas for free!!!)

These are windmills. Mom says Donkey Hotee did Protectioning against them. Why? Is it because of the Birds? Why does a Donkey care about the Birds anyway? I Want to Know.

They have Very Big Chickens in Vidal Junction. This is where Vidal Sassoon lives.

These are Freaky Joshua Trees. Bono likes them.

So we get to East Fresno and I say hi to the other dogs. There is the Rat Dog Isabella (I call her Izi-smella 'cause she has a big furry butt with Dingleberries) and Cinnamon. He's Older than Dirt.

Here Izi-smella and I get treats from the Guy Who Likes Rush Limbaugh (he's not all bad). He spends an Awful Lot of Time looking in the Fridge for Stuff and Eating it. We Score Major when he does:

Here Izi-smella and Cinnamon play with the Princess.
I think it is good to Hang Out with Other Dogs so that I can Socialize and not be so Artistic. (That's Dogs who don't Interact)

Next Time I will tell about the Demon Kat from Hell and the Chinese Food.

Peace Out, Scout!

Love and Gravy,


Monday, July 21, 2008

I get to go!!!

Oh, no the suitcases are out again!

But wait, Mom says I get to go!
I get to go!
I get to go!
I get to go!
I get to go!
I get to go!
I get to go!

I'm going to East Fresno!! (They also call it Phoenix)
I get to go!
I get to go!
I get to go!

Pack the Gravy, Mom!!! I get to go!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Another Gooperson gone away

I want to say first of all that I Understand Why.

But I am still Sad.

Father Jake, you gave a Place for all the peoples to go and be with each other.

When Mom Got Sad about things on Sunday she could come and find out that there were other people that Thought a Different Way.

You were Snouterrific.

Thank you.

Love and Gravy and Blessings always,