Saturday, February 2, 2008

I Was Good!

Mom and Da had company over last night to celebrate St. Brigid's (she's a very important Saint and Dog Acceptor) and when they came I barked in the back room for a Long Time, because I wanted to Come Out. Finally mom had to bring me out because I was Driving Her Crazy.

So I got to sit on the couch but I had to wear the Leash that is Tied to the Coffee Table. I only made Nora spill her Murphy's once. And she gave me scritchings! On the Belly!

It was a Great Night.


Brian R said...

I am glad you "came out" Grendel, good for the soul. LOL

Rowan The Dog said...

Coming Out... It's a good thing. Congratulations! Oh, and good job on scoring those scritchings on the belly.

Your friend,


Grendel said...


Mom splained about the Coming Out. I know that you are a Gay Dog because of the post about the Rainbow Banana... (huh? What? Oh.) I mean, Bandana. I do not think I am Gay because I love Doxy and she is a girl. (I guess the interspecies part may be odd, though) but I think Coming Out is a Good Thing! Let's all Come Out!

And sit on the couch.

Grendel said...

Brian R,

The "R" must stand for "Really Wise".

Diane said...

Good for you Grendel! Scout had to be away from people sometimes but now she gets to be with them. She used to steal people's stuff and then growl if they tried to get it back.

It's great to be out and get scritchings, isn't it?

zorra said...

I'm glad you got to be with the people! I like it when people come over. My sister Zorra did NOT like it, and sometimes she had to go visit the doggie spa overnight so Mama and Daddy could have people over. I'm sorry she never figured out that usually, people are nice. Does it bother you if just one person at a time comes to visit?


Paul said...

A night Out sounds splendid and you must have been really good to get those belly scritchings. I'm glad you had a good time.

DogBlogger said...

Oh, how nice, Grendel. I'm glad you got to be with thumb-havers and get Scritchings.

The Typist and The Alpha went out the other night and The Typist smelled like another dog when they came back. Panda, they called her. Apparently, she is skittish -- she would not let The Alpha pet her. But for The Typist, she even gave kisses. I wish The Boy and I could meet her, but I'm afraid we might not Get Along. Because of the Skittishness.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

I do not think I am Gay because I love Doxy and she is a girl. (I guess the interspecies part may be odd, though)

I love you too, Grendel. As for the interspecies part...well, love conquers all, right?

FranIAm said...

I am so glad you got to hang out with everyone. I wish I could scratch your belly!

Rowan The Dog said...

It's just important to be the kind of dog God made you to be. And I am pretty sure God understands about the interspecies thing. (Just don't tell the Africans) Love really does conquer all.