Saturday, February 23, 2008

So Much Love

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I am a Dog (I'm not a Frog). My job is to Do Protectioning (like Black Star) and to Give Love.

Do you know how much love is Out There?

A lot.

Dogs know.

Blessed Laika and Cassady in Heaven and Rowan and Jasper and Scout and Amie and Zorra and Cub and Lady Mistabel and BlackBart and Black Star know.

A Litany of Dogs throughout the ages who Give Love.

A community of Dog Acceptors who Give Love.
Mad Priest and Padre Mickey and Father Jake and Brother Causticus and My Beloved Doxy and FranIam and Alcibiades and Brian R and Diane and Paul and Clumber and Mimi and Cecilia and all the others... so much love.

So go out and Give Love. Do It Now! And Tell Me About It.

(Gravy Love is a Good Place to Start)

But Do It Now. Don't Wait.

Humorous Pictures


Rowan The Dog said...

I am going to take one of my toys to my guardian. She is taking a nap right now but I am sure she would rather be playing with me.

Good love advice.

DogBlogger said...

Thank you, Grendel. I'm off to give some more love now!

Grendel said...

you know she won't mind. Love is better than naps--but they are very nice, too!! Be sure to report back!

good luck! Be sure to report back!

Paul said...

I made dinner for my very best friend. The chicken was left over from last night (at that friend's house) and there was gravy on the chicken. So I think we were both sharing the love by feeding each other. We had some nice wines and tonight we watched the Oscars together (and I leaned over and borrowed some warmth from him which is a form of snuggling). I hope this qualifies and that's my report. And I prayed for friends today too, and finally I came by to visit you.

Woofs and gravy to you, friend!

Grendel said...

Oh, snuggling is Very Good Love indeed! And there was Gravy! And Mom says the wine part is Most Excellent too. You did a Good Job.

God Bless You!

Wormwood's Doxy said...

So go out and Give Love. Do It Now!

Excellent advice, Grendel!

Today I'm going to take Jasper for a long walk in the beautiful sunshine. I will give hugs and kisses to my children and all the other humans I love. And I shall eat chocolate that a sweet friend sent to me and get some love for myself that way!

Love and belly rubs,

Brian R said...

So good to come here and read about Love and Gravy. Was getting a little tired of the backside of that cat.:-)
Love and Gravy for Grendel.

DogBlogger said...

Grendel, I'm reporting back! We had Couch Time with The Typist while she was looking at Oscar somebody-or-other. The Boy and I gave snuggly love.

Love and gravy to you,

Grendel said...

Very successful Love Special going on right now! The Reports are coming in!

Thanks, Doxy, for your Special Love. Enjoy the Chocolate!

Brian R, Love and Gravy right back at you!

Dogblogger, Snuggly Love is (as all would agree) the Best Kind of Love after Gravy Love!!!

Yeah! Pay it Forward! Scritchings on the Belly for Everyone!

Wormwood's Doxy said...

One of our much beloved family members crossed the Rainbow Bridge this week. Pety was my sister's dog, and she and her husband are devastated by his passing.

He was a Good Dog, who took his protectioning seriously. He gave lots of love, and got lots back. I hate that he had to go, but I'm glad to know that he is with Saint Laika now.

Grendel, you give great advice---give love NOW and lots of it! I'm sending some your way today.


zorra said...

Yesterday my dad went to the Dog Stuff Store to get some things for me--and he brought me a RED biscuit! It was delicious and special! And I had been protectioning my mama--when a man came to the door I barked and barked! He told Mama through the window that he was giving away carpet cleaning. But we don't need carpet cleaning because I am a very, very Good Dog.

Mama and Daddy both give me lots of snuggly love (maybe a bit too much for my taste) and gravy love! I love them too, and show it with kisses and lots of waggies!


FranIAm said...

Now who knew that I would find a post about LOVE when I came to give this extra special gravyboat filled with love to you????

Anonymous said...

I am going to share a bone. Love, Scout

p.s. this is hard for me.

p.s.s. I'm glad you posted, grendel. I missed you!

Rowan The Dog said...

well, Grendel, I have to report back that one out of one guardian surveyed prefers naps. But, I did snuggle up with Lindy while she slept and she woke up long enough to say that I am a good dog. So, I just put my head on her shoulder and breathed on her neck so she would know that I am real close to her. I am pretty sure that helps her be happier while she is trying to sleep.

I love you Grendel,
and I love Scout and Misty and Cub and treats.


Anonymous said...

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