Sunday, March 2, 2008

I am Betrayed!

They brought home a Rat Dog! I don't care if Mom rescued Her from Certain Doom. I don't care if it is Only Temporary.

Her name is Ophelia and she likes to be in Laps. She is small and black and cute and jumps a lot. She is a Threat.

Mom has been ignoring me to Take Care of the Rat Dog.

This is Not Fair.

I know I do not Go in Laps or show Much Love. But the Love is there. It's just uh, hidden.

I guess I do like Ophelia. She is Sweet and Full of Love. But This is My House. I am the Only Dog!

What if they Love Her More? What if they put me in the Garbage? Or the Microwave?????????

I am Scared.

What do I do?


Wormwood's Doxy said...

Remember what I said before, Grendel? That the more love you give, the more you have to give?

I don't know if it applies to Rat Dogs...but try, if you can, to just love her. Sounds like she won't be around forever, and you can win points with Mom and Dad by being kind.

You *could* come to see me, but you'd have to put up with Jasper, who would want to love you to pieces! But I *could* promise you lots of gravy...


zorra said...

When my mama and daddy brought me home, I met my sister Zorra and we did not like each other. We were worried, just like you. Mama and Daddy said there was enough love for everybody...and it was true! (but neither of us ever liked not being the Only Dog)
They will never, never put you in the garbage or the microwave, I am sure. Your humans love you like my humans love me. There is room to love Ophelia too.


DogBlogger said...

Hi Grendel -- When The Boy came to live with us, the thumb-havers tricked me! They had some other thumb-havers bring him in the front door, but when they left, he stayed. So for 2 days I gave them the, "Uh, wasn't he supposed to leave?" look, and then I decided he wasn't that bad. And now, he's even kind of fun to have around.

I hope you get along with Ophelia for as long as she's there (and I hope that isn't too long, of course). There is room to share the love.

But maybe not the gravy.


Grendel said...

Hmmm. Doxy,

I know what you said before about the Love. I am skeptible about the Love Thing, but if YOU Say So....

She is not so Terribull as she was yesterday. But she is Full of Yippiness!

and she is an Immediate Presence!


When Hattie (who is in heaven) and I came, there was Enough Love for both of us, but that is because we came At the Same Time and so the Love was Divvied Up Already. But now Ophelia is Getting Some of MY Love! From Before! Doesn't it Belong to me???

Oh, it is So Hard.

I am trying!


That is a Cruel Trick. Mom and Da were very open about the Rat Dog Ophelia coming to stay. Just for a Weekend. That's all... no More. Thank Heaven!

Diane said...

oh grendel, they do love you BEST. I know it!!!!!

Lindy said...

Oh Grendel,darling, don't be scared. Sometimes guardians don't know how our dogs are really feeling. I am sure your thumb havers don't want you to feel neglected. They love you so much!

What would it be like if you helped them take care of the rat dog? It may be that they are counting on you.

Remember that you are a wonderful, if misanthropic, dog. A lot of humans and dogs love you because of your blog. And your family loves you too.