Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ophelia's Story

Da is out working on the car and mom is doing Altar Guild for the special service tonight and they left me alone with the RatDog.

We are Having a Conversation.

We are Getting to Know One Another.

Here is Ophelia's Story:

Her family thought she was Too Noisy and Needy And so they just Dumped her at the university. She thought that she must have been Very Bad. They did not have Patience for the yipping.

She ran around the campus Scared and Lonely and Cold on Thursday night until a student took her in and let her Spend the Night in the Dorm. (Shhhh!!! Don't Tell. It's Illegal.) They gave her a peanut butter sandwich, but then they had to Go To Class (That's what Students do...most of the the time.) So they let her go. Then the Nice Woman Named Kathy found her. But what to do? Put her in a professor's office!! And so Ophelia came to my mom's office. She got to eat mom's sandwich, too.

She got her name because they are Reading Hamlet in Mom's class right now. (A Hamlet is a great kind of food with both ham and eggs in it.) There is a girl in the story of Hamlet whose name is Ophelia. The name Ophelia is short for "Opheelforia." It means "Empathetic". I have heard people say this before, like when Mom says "Good Grief! I have 50 Blue Books to correct by tomorrow" and Da says, "Ah, sure! Opheelforia!"

It is a good name for this dog because she is very Empathetic. Last Night when I Got Yelled at for Getting Too Close to the Litter Box, Ophelia came up to me and gave me a Snoutal Nudge (this means, "It's ok, don't Worry about it") and I Felt Better. Maybe I was wrong to be upset about her coming here. She can't help being a Yippy RatDog, and Getting Dumped. I felt Empathetic for her. I even gave her some of my Gravy.

The Future is still Very Uncertain for this RatDog. Mom says she can stay for a While until the Discernment process is over. I don't Know what that means. All I know is that we dogs have to Stick Together and Try to Get Along, even if it is Very Hard. In spite of All our Differences. Maybe you Humans can Try It Too.

I'm just saying.


Diane said...


we should try it too

DogBlogger said...

Grendel, this is a Very Interesting Story. Thank you for sharing it.

I tagged you over at my blog. I hope you'll want to play!


zorra said...

Diane already hugged y'all, but I want to hug you too. I'm so glad you're getting along.


Wormwood's Doxy said...

You are the Best of Dogs, Grendel.

(And Ophelia is cute---but not as cute as you are...)


Grendel said...

Thank you for the Hugs and Love! Dogblogger, I am working on my middle name Meme!!


What percentage cute of me is Ophelia? I need to know!

Alcibiades said...

Since she looks about half your size, I'd say she's about 50% as cute as you Grendel. But the two of you together in that picture is 400% as cute as pictures of you by yourselves.

Miss Not-Quite-Two says you are both "very nice doggies", which is the finest compliment in her very limited vocabulary. Thank you for making us all start the morning with a smile and a warm good feeling.

Grendel said...

Yay! I'm a "very Nice Doggie"!!!!

Goop, Goop, Goopersonic!

Rowan The Dog said...

Grendel, you are a good and smart dog. Me and my guardian feel real proud of you for sharing your gravy and being nice to Ophelila. That's real empathetic of you I think you look good in that picture. You are the cutest.

Paul said...

Greater love hath no Grendel than to share gravy. You are a very good dog and very Empathetic.

I am so glad that you and Ophelia are learning to be there for each other. Thank you for sharing her story.

I think you are terrific. You would probably make a very good big brother.

Hugs and ear skritches to both of you.

FranIAm said...

You know, I have not been here in awhile. I guess it was all that glee from finally selling my house and then celebrating it with none other than Grandmere Mimi! I lost all track of time and space.

Well this is a lot of stuff to have happened to you Grendel, but I must say you are handling it very well.

I can understand that at first it was pretty scary. But I think you are doing great.

Thanks for 'splainin' that Opheelforia business, that suddenly makes a lot of sense.

You are one great dog Grendel, you truly are.

Gravy all around!!


P.S. We need to find a dog that can get along with our already existing cat. I am not suggesting Ophelia, as I live too far away for that to work.

Any ideas???

jewgirl said...

That is too sweet for words.

I found you via FranIAm.

Mauigirl said...

I too found you through FranIAm. I love the story of Ophelia. I am sure she will be staying permanently. How could anyone resist those ears?

My cat Baxter and dog Diva send their regards!

Lindy said...

I just had to come back to see the photo again.

I love you Grendel.

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