Saturday, February 23, 2008

So Much Love

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I am a Dog (I'm not a Frog). My job is to Do Protectioning (like Black Star) and to Give Love.

Do you know how much love is Out There?

A lot.

Dogs know.

Blessed Laika and Cassady in Heaven and Rowan and Jasper and Scout and Amie and Zorra and Cub and Lady Mistabel and BlackBart and Black Star know.

A Litany of Dogs throughout the ages who Give Love.

A community of Dog Acceptors who Give Love.
Mad Priest and Padre Mickey and Father Jake and Brother Causticus and My Beloved Doxy and FranIam and Alcibiades and Brian R and Diane and Paul and Clumber and Mimi and Cecilia and all the others... so much love.

So go out and Give Love. Do It Now! And Tell Me About It.

(Gravy Love is a Good Place to Start)

But Do It Now. Don't Wait.

Humorous Pictures

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I Was Good!

Mom and Da had company over last night to celebrate St. Brigid's (she's a very important Saint and Dog Acceptor) and when they came I barked in the back room for a Long Time, because I wanted to Come Out. Finally mom had to bring me out because I was Driving Her Crazy.

So I got to sit on the couch but I had to wear the Leash that is Tied to the Coffee Table. I only made Nora spill her Murphy's once. And she gave me scritchings! On the Belly!

It was a Great Night.