Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Giving up for Lent

I love Gravy. It smells Rich and Brown and Good and tastes Meaty Special. Maybe I love Gravy Too Much. I know humans give Stuff Up for Lent. Should I give Gravy up for Lent?

Does God want Dogs to Sacrifice, too? Will it Make Me Holy? Do dogs Sin? I know I eat Poop and Growl and Snap, but What About My Soul?

I don't know! I want to Be in Heaven. ('Cause Doxy will be there, I know, 'cause she's Holy and a Righteous Babe)

Tell me What You Think.

Yes: Grendel Gives Up Gravy For Lent.
No: Grendel Gets Gravy.


Brian R said...

I think you had better have the gravy, Grendel. When I give up things, I tend to growl and snap so heavens knows what would happen to you. For the sake of everyone else in the house, more gravy for Grendel.

Grendel said...

OK, one vote for Gravy for Grendel. Thanks, Brian R (the "R" is for Reasonable)

Rowan The Dog said...

I had a long talk with Lindy about this and she said that you should get gravy.

Humans give up things for Lent because of their propensity to over-indulge in things for the rest of the year: Too much blogging, eating, talking, like that. But, us dogs don't do that so we don't have to repent of it.

Same with taking on additional things. We dogs already pray and study enough. We are already perfectly faithful, unwaveringly loyal. So, we don't need a special time of year to work on those things.

It is impossible for dogs to sin because that is not the kind of soul that we have. I don't totally understand that because of being a dog and everything. But, it sounds pretty good to me.

I hope you keep getting gravy because you will need to keep your strength up. When Lent gets here you will have to give more support and love to your guardian. They need us more than ever to show them how to enjoy being loved.



Grendel said...

Thanks, Rowan,
as usual you are Very Wise and have Good Sense. You have given me a Lot of Things to Think About.

OK, two votes for Gravy for Grendel.

Diane said...

I am with rowan and lindy on this one. there is entirely too much giving up for lent. And they are also right (although they said it much better) that dogs don't sin.

I'm not always big on humans giving up things for lent either, but that's another story. Sometimes it's a good idea; sometimes not so much.

Grendel said...

Thank you Diane,

If dogs do not sin, why do I feel bad sometimes when I do Growlies and Dad Eating (i.e. poop)?

Shouldn't I Try to Be Good?

But I am glad it is now three for Gravy!

zorra said...

Grendel, you don't need to give up gravy. Everybody is right, dogs don't sin so they don't need to repent or to ponder their sinfulness. My mama wishes I would stop eating poop and stop licking this interesting spot I made on my foot, but she doesn't call it sin. She says I'm just being a dog.

And it's not your fault you still feel like growling or biting sometimes. That IS the result of sin, but the sin wasn't yours.


Grendel said...

Yay! Amie voted for Gravy for Grendel.

I think I need to reflect more about dogs and humans.

I have a Place I like to lick too, but it's Not Polite.

DogBlogger said...

If Gravy is Love, Grendel giving up Gravy would be like Grendel giving up Love, which is not a good idea at all. So, yes, Grendel, have the Gravy!

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Have your Gravy, darling---DogBlogger hit the nail on the head. Gravy is love, and God is love, so God is in the Gravy.

As for sinning...well, "to sin" just means "to miss the mark." We all miss the mark sometimes, but Dogs less so than humans. I think God just cares that we want to do better...

And I certainly hope you and I (and Jasper and Muffy, my dog from long ago, and all my beloved friends) will be in Heaven together. It wouldn't be perfect, otherwise.

P.S. Thank you for the "righteous babe" comment. Made my day! ;-)

Grendel said...


I never thought of it that way! Of course Gravy is Love! I can't live without Love!

And if there were any doubt, my beloved Doxy says it's ok. And I can't wait to meet Muffy and all the other dogs in heaven.

So that settles it. Gravy for Grendel!

Now, since all you great minds have solved this, what can we do about Mad Priest? Will Gravy help him out?

Wormwood's Doxy said...

I suspect MP would prefer a bottle of Scotch.


Paul said...

Oh my, Grendel, you have posed quite a challenge. You can tell that all your friends are in favor of Gravy during Lent (and I agree). Mad Priest, however... he plays music for us that is probably something like growling and it makes us all rather nervous about him. Doxy may be right that some Scotch would help.

I'm just never quite sure about MP. I feel OK about you. I figure you and I could hang out and think about Gravy and be just fine.

I hope you have a wonderful Lent. Since it looks like it will have Gravy I am pretty sure it will be a good one.

As for sin, we are all learning how to love and be loved more and more. Dogs are pretty much way ahead of humans on this, but we are all works in progress. Since your mom and friends love you and you are such a cool dog, I think you are doing just fine. (And we all have poop in our lives; humans just like not to talk about it.)

You're right, btw. Doxy is a righteous babe. And your mom is pretty cool too. Hope she's feeling all better.

FranIAm said...

Oh Grendel. Your sweet holiness comes from within, like a spring bubbling up.

Will giving up gravy change that? I don't think so.

Be who you are and be that way with great love. That is what makes you so holy and so precious my good canine friend.

Grendel said...

This will be a very Holy and Good Lent with all the Good Things to think about.

(Can Food for Thought have Gravy on it???)

Alcibiades said...

Grendel: have gravy. Have lot's of gravy, and gobble it down with love in your heart and a warm yummy feeling in your belly.
Giving things up is a human thing, and as I understand it dogs and other non-humans have every right to celebrate and worship differently, in their own way. So my suggestion is you celebrate Lent by having extra gravy. BlackStar and Fiver have asked me to let them join you in this, and we'll be calling this "Grendel's Liturgy" in your honour.