Sunday, January 27, 2008

Poor Grendel!

He thinks I have been ignoring him and not allowing him to blog as much as usual. Well, I have been a bit preoccupied of late, what with events in Hanford and this rotten bronchial stuff that has been going around, but just remember: the gravy has been delivered, kisses administered, the dog walks continue apace, and he's gotten to hang out on the couch a lot more than usual.

So I have assured him that he will be able to visit his friends more frequently in the coming days (especially his beloved Doxy, for whom he has insisted I empty his penny jar, something about a Valentine's Day gift???)

So my apologies to you, Friends of Grendel, for keeping him incommunicado. I'll try to do better. And Doxy, be warned. I hope you like drugstore candy.



Wormwood's Doxy said...

I cannot complain, as I *still* have not gotten Jasper's blog up and running! But I check in daily to see what my friend Grendel is up to...

The "bronchial stuff" has also laid me low, and all my good intentions have merely paved the road to.....well, it can't be hell, because it's too cold here! ;-)

Grendel, my love---I adore drugstore candy! But save your pennies and get more gravy.

Or better yet, save your pennies, and let's find a way to visit! We have a huge backyard now, and Jasper and I would love for you and your mom to come and stay for a good, long visit. I'll buy a CASE of gravy if you would!


Paul said...

I check often too and am encouraged to know that Grendel's doing OK, even if not posting too often. So here's a "woof out" to my buddy Grendel. May the gravy keep on coming.

Brian R said...

Am also glad to send woofs to Grendel. Glad you are getting lots of gravy and able to hang out on the couch. Not allowed to send gravy so sending lots of cyber pats and cuddles

Grendel said...


I want to buy you Something Nice for Valentine's Day. I DO NOT think it is Nice that Mom told.

It was Spozed to be a Surprise.

I need your address. Please send it. I have a Lot of Pennies.

Mom buys the Gravy. I can't (no Posables) but she said she would buy the Present. You HAVE to let me!

(If not I will Eat Poop. And do Unspeakable Things on the Duvet Cover, and uh...Hold My Breath.


Grendel said...


You are always smiling in the Picture by your Name. That is why I like you So Much. It's Reliable. I am going to come visit you.

Woof to you! It's a Great Day! Mom is making Meatloaf and there might even be... (whispers in awe)

Homemade Gravy!

Grendel said...

Brian R

does the R stand for "Really Fantastic"?

or "Righteous Dude"?

or "Right Back at ya with Cyber Cuddles"?

Or "Rasputin"?

Yeah. I know about the Not Being Allowed to Send Gravy. I don't know Why she Got So Mad.

I just poured it into the Computer. How else you Spozed to Get it there?

Brian R said...

Oh dear Grendel, I do not think Gravy and computers mix, just like I need to remind myself that coffee and computers do not mix either.
I think "Right Back at ya with Cyber Cuddles"is best.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Grendel, dear---it will still be a surprise, since I won't know what KIND of candy it will be! So's all good.

Please don't eat poop. It kind of spoils the pleasure of doggie kisses, you know?

I'll e-mail my address to your mom. Tell her I said to scratch you where you most like to be scratched, from me. I hope you enjoyed the homemade gravy!


Rowan The Dog said...

Dear Grendel,

I am glad your guardian is letting you blog again. Hope your bowl is full of gravy.



Diane said...

Grendel, we are relieved to hear you are well, but not that your mom has been sick. Are you giving her some gravy? I know that it is not nice that she hasn't been letting you blog, but she's having a hard time too!

Scout is sending you lots of woofs and loves. I haven't been letting her blog as much as she would like, either.

zorra said...

Hi Grendel, please tell your mom I'm sorry she has been sick. I've been a bit under the weather myself lately, but I'm feeling better. I hope you're getting lots of gravy these days. I have this new stuff to eat, mama says it's medicine but I swear it's like gravy. Great stuff!

Your friend,

DogBlogger said...

Hi Grendel! Not much to say today, but wanted to let you know I dropped by.

Paul said...

Oh, Grendel, meatloaf with you-knw-what sounds soooo good. I hope you both had a lovely dinner. You and your mom should both feel better after some of that.

You can visit me anytime though I live a couple of states away. In the meantime we can woof and chat and share stories online.

I do smile a lot. It's so much nicer than frowning. I also like making sauces when I cook and sauce is just another name for... gravy.

Grendel said...


Wow! You make Sauces! are you a Chef like Gordon Ramsey? (I hope not just like Gordon Ramsey 'cause he Drops the F-Bomb too much)

The Meatloaf was Grand and Mom did make Homemade Gravy. Oh, it had Mushrooms and Onions and Garlic and Brown Crispies!

Are you in a Blue State or a Brown State?

Love, Grendel.

Paul said...

That sounds so yummy, Grendel. Your mom must be a good gravy maker.

I drop the F-bomb a lot too but I try to behave when ladies and children are around. I'm not a professional cook like the folks on the Food Channel, though. Do you like food shows? I do. I like to eat so it's fun to watch people making food. Not as much fun as eating it, of course.

I live in New Mexico. It is sort of a purple state but we are trying hard to turn it blue this year.

Yesterday morning I woke up to see snow outside but most of it melted. This afternoon it snowed some more but that melted too. I love to look at snow but I don't like driving when it turns to ice, so I'm kind of glad it melted before it could turn to ice.

I enjoy chatting with you, my friend.