Monday, January 7, 2008

I am rescued. Finally.

So they finally came to pick me up. Almost two weeks with RatDogs that wear clothes is Too Much.

But the Humans were nice to me. Mom explained about the Gravy, so they knew. And they took me to the Groomer's and I Did Not Bite. Now I smell not so Bad as Before.

I got a stocking for Christmas, and more Gravy. But I missed Mom. She was in East Fresno, called Philadelphia. I suppose I missed Dad too, but not aas much.

I made sure they knew that I was Mad about being Abandoned. I did NOT sleep Under the Covers like usual. I slept at the End of the Bed. That will Show Them.

I guess the RatDogs were not All That Bad.

I think I Miss Them.


Diane said...

glad to hear you were rescued, Grendel. Scout will be rescued on Monday. We miss her!

Brian R said...

So glad you have been rescued, Grendel. Hope you get lots of gravy. I have missed hearing from you since you offered to be my virtual dog.

FranIAm said...

I've been missing your gravy covered dog blog updates and am delighted that you are back.

Your people are really good Grendel and sometimes they just have to go away.

Plus the rat dogs always make for good blogging later.

I am sending you gravy thoughts and prayers right now!

Rowan The Dog said...

Well, it's good to be rescued but did you get any gravy? That's what I want to know.