Tuesday, August 12, 2008

FooFoo Did Not Come Home

FooFoo had to go to the Vet (His name is the Shabazz-man). She went yesterday and then she went again today. She was Really Sick.
This is FooFoo Being Sick (she's on the Blanket) and Millerton Store is Looking Worried.

This morning Mom and Da were crying. They put FooFoo in the Travel Box and put her in the car. Da drove off.

But she Did Not Come Home.

I know What This Means.
I am Very Sad.


FranIAm said...

Oh Grendel - I am so very sad too. I am sorry about FooFoo.

Sending you lots of gravy and love Grendel.

zorra said...

Grendel, please tell your humans I am very, very sorry. I remember the day mama and daddy took my sister Zorra to the vet,and she did not come home.They were really sad, but they said it comforted them to come home to me instead of to an empty house. I bet your humans are glad to have you there too. Give them lots of love today.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Grendel, I am hugging you in my heart. I wish I could do more, for you and for your mom and dad.


Grendel said...

Thank you, FranIam. I know that you have a Tender Heart for Animals. Thank you for coming and Giving Love

Amie, I bet you miss Zorra very much. And you are right about the humans--they were very sad and hugged me and the other cats a lot. The empty food bowl was hard to see so they put it away.


I wish I could hug you right now.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Grendel, another virtual hug. I'm sad, too. I know that you miss FooFoo terribly.

Lindy said...

OH Grendel, I am so sorry for your loss. It's hard to loose our friends. You will miss FooFoo, I know. And maybe even cry some big dog tears too. I hope your thumb-havers will be near to comfort you, and you them. It's times like this when the species most need one another.

Rowan is sad too. He told me he wishes he could nuzzle you and your thumb-havers and lick you to help you feel better.

I am sending you pets and love and a load of GRAVY. Sometimes you've just got to have a little comfort food.

Take care of yourself and your people. Know that the life which animated FooFoo is the same one that gives life to all creatures, even you and Rowan, and on the last day it will all be gathered up into a big tail-waggin' celebration with gravy and everything. Look for me on that day Grendel because I'll be there too and I'll want to pet you real good... and give you gravy, a'course. And look for FooFoo too because, as everyone knows, even cats go to heaven.

I love you Grendel,

(and Rowan)

Grendel said...

Grandma Mimi,

Thank you for the hug. I love you very much and I know that you love dogs and cats and chickens and puffins and moose and kelp and dirigibles and Lightbulbs and all the Fluffy Animals.

And Mom says you have a tattoo so that means you have Street Cred.

Lindy, I feel better knowing that you and Rowan are sending me love and licks. I want to hear more about the Last Day. Is that after we cross the Rainbow Bridge? Will FooFoo and Sneakaround and me have to wait a while for the Thumb-havers? Or will it seem only like a day?

I can't wait for the Big Party!! And seeing you and Cub and Cassady and Hattie and especially Laika and all the dogs (oh, and the cats too) that will Party Really Hard with God. (And Guinea Pigs. Weet! Weet!)

Yeah, and of course Gravy.

Peace out, Scout.


DogBlogger said...

Oh, Grendel. I'm sorry we've been Out of Pocket and haven't come visiting you this week.

I am so sorry to hear about FooFoo. We know what the not-coming-home means around here, too.

Thank you for mentioning our sweet Cub when you talked about the Big Party in which we Party Really Hard with God. I know she's there. And so is FooFoo.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Grendel, I did not know about FooFoo till I was over at Rowan's blog. I'm so sorry but FooFoo is a happier kitteh now; it's Grendel and all the thumb-havers that are sad.

I am sure FooFoo was greeted by Princess Muffy and Ghostie and Tippy and Tom and Calico and some of the kittehs of Kirkepiscatoid Past, as well as some of the dogs of Kirkepiscatoid Past, even Mr. Woo Dog who did not like kittehs at all when he was here. I'm sure he is better at it now!

Diane said...

oh Grendel!