Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not to Feel Sorry.

My Doxy told me about a Man Doing Brave Things and I think that it is Very Important to think about how much we have and Not Feel Sorry.

His name is Underwear. That is a funny name but lots of thumb-havers have Funny Names and they all wear Grundie Undies so it's not something to be ashamed of. He takes care of People who Don't Have Homes. This is Very Important. Very Very Important!

I was homeless too until Mom and Da took me in and Sneakaround Jones lived in a culvert and Millerton Store by the side of a road but we are animals not humans. Why don't the Thumb-havers take care of their own like you are doing, Mr. Underwear? If I had 'posables I would too, and give them some of my Gravy.

Please, God, smile on Mr. Underwear and his Family and the Woman named Martha and all the people who are Under the Passes to keep them Safe and Warm and with Love. Bless him for the Hard Work that he Does, and make me grateful for all the Gravy and Warmth and Love I have.


And make Doxy love me even more. (Is that So Wrong?)

Amen again.


FranIAm said...

Oh Grendel! I am glad that you have gotten to meet "Underwear"... He is a very special human.

Your words are as ever, touching and always Very Holy.

You understand more than many people do.

As for wanting Doxy to love you more, in an email yesterday, she mentioned you, so I think she must love you a lot.

Therefore it is not wrong.

Gravy and prayers always, with great love to you and everyone else over there... whether they have thumbs or not.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Dearest Grendel, I'm not sure I could love you more if I tried...and that means I love you a Whole Lot!!!

(I would, however, like to love you in person. Tell your mom to bring you to visit! I'll have all the gravy you can eat, and warm laundry for you to roll in....)

I'm glad you liked my post about Underwear. Reading his posts makes me want to be a better person---kind of like reading yours makes me want to be the person you *think* I am.

Love and hugs,

FranIAm said...

Grendel - don't let Doxy fool you. She is the kind of person you think she is and more. I am sure of this!

Don't tell her I said so, she might get embarrassed. Humans are like that and she has such a lovely countenance. One that does not want all this attention!

DogBlogger said...

Thank you for sharing about Mr. Underwear, Grendel. He is very special indeed.

And so are you.

Lindy said...

Gentle Grendel, I wish I could reach out and pet your pretty head and tell you what a tender and wise dog you are. May the Gravy Angels visit you tonight.