Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Birthday to Mom!

Tomorrow is my mom's Birthday and so I have saved up all my money to buy her a Present, what I think she will Like Best. And if she doesn't want it I can have it!

(Dad had to help because I don't Have Any Posables)
Here is a Picture of it:
Gravy Is Love.


Jasper the Wonderdog said...

Grendel--you are a Very Good Dog. Your mom is lucky to have a dog like you.

What is the doggie equivalent of a Gooperson? You are it.


Grendel said...

I think it's a Gooperdog, but I am Not Sure.

Maybe it's a WonderDog!

Are you the only one, or can I be one too??

You are very handsome.

Frasier said...

Thats a great idea !!!My mommys birthday is coming up!

Jasper the Wonderdog said...

I think your mom gave you the wrong name. You are a WonderDog too!

And I think you are beautiful. I wish you lived near me--I would share my ball with you.

And I would ask my mom to have Gravy for supper.


Grendel said...


there's nobody who doesn't like Gravy!!! I bet she Will Love It!

Thank you Jasper!! I am a WonderDog!! WoooHooo!!!!!

I would like to Play Ball with you. And Gravy Goes Well with everything...

The Lady Mistabel said...

I think you and Avgh are more sophisticated about blogging than Nich and me,

We emailed MP to let people know Nich is is weller.

But to know that you and Avgh are in our corner goes a long way.

Grendel said...

Hey, Mistabel,

I am really glad that Nich is better. I was so worried.

Now I am not so worried. But still a little...

How come your blog says "Barking Harold"? Your name's not Harold.

(huh? Oh, ok...)

I got it explained. It's Herald. Like the Hairy Angels Sing.

The Lady Mistabel said...

Hi Grendel
The Barking Herald started out as a family newsletter about 23 years ago. Originally called the Harking Herald to evoke the carol.

Nich sent a hand-drawn card to The Queen with the text, 'Bark! The herald ccrgies sing' and received a personal note from Her Majesty thanking him for the humour. Not a typewritten letter from a Lady in Waiting. Her Majesty's penmanship could stand improving.

When Misty I and I, (should that be 'We'?) The Lady Mistabel took over, Nich changed it to Barking Herald which as luck would have it is the name of the newspaper in Barking, England.

The Lady Mistabel said...

Okay so I am slow

one of Nich's languages is Ancient Egyptian, And he sees where a dog is named Sneferu///nefer is the word for beautiful as in Nefrtiti

Of course those of us that are erudite dogs know whence cometh the name Grendl

Grendel said...

Lady Mistabel,

Wow! I know a dog named Sneferu! Mom says that in Ancient Egyptian the letter "s" at the beginning of a word means "becoming". Is that right? She says (and she told me how to Spell It): it's Inchoative.

Diane said...

great present!