Saturday, November 17, 2007

I Get Interviewed by Rowan!!!!!!

I Got Confused (Mom says Greedy) and asked Rowan to Interview me Too. I hope that is Ok--if not, I am Very Sorry, but I really like his Questions too!!!!! So here I go:

Dear Poet Lauret Grendel,

I am so happy that you want to be interviewed by me. I have tried my best to think up some real good questions for you. Here they are:

Misanthropic is a really big word. I had to ask my guardian what it means. This is a two parter: 1) How did you learn such a big human word and 2) how come you don't like the humans?

Mom told me about the word. She Knows Greek. When they first got me I Growled All The Time. And Snarled. It was because I was Mistreated by a man with a Motorcycle. And so I did not know what Real Love was, only Mean Love. It is not so Bad now but I will never be Completely OK.

Can you talk more about the Cosmic Woof of Love and the Dance of Happiness? I think I might like to try those out sometime.

The Cosmic Woof of Love is when everything is Okay and you Feel that the Universe is one Big Woof with all Dogs Accepted and Fed. It is Unity with All Dogs and Dog Acceptors.

The Dance of Happiness is when your Rear End just Wiggles with Joy--it Can't Help it!!!!! So Much Happiness that it just can't stay still!

When you are not composing poetry, what's your favorite hobby? (Don't say napping because that, of course, is number one for all us dogs.)

I like to lick my mom's legs. It is weird, I know, but There You Go.

Besides writing poetry, do you have any other jobs?

No, mom says "my function is pretty much Ornamental."

Which is better toys or treats? Explain your answer.

Treats. Cause you can eat them! I don't have much truck with toys.

I love you Grendel and I think you are a real swell dog. Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by me. I'll be checking by your blog to see your answers.



I love you too Rowan and I am sorry that I Got Greedy,


Peace out, Scout!


Rowan The Dog said...

Those are amazingly wonderful answers Grendel. You are such a swell dog, I'll tell you what.

I'm going to try licking my guardian's leg. I am sure she'll really appreciate it. She's real sentimental about stuff like that.

I think that after I do my stretch prayer this morning I'll try the Happiness Dance. My bottom wiggles quite a lot.

Love and licks,


Grendel said...

Thank you for the great questions! Maybe we are Related because both our Bottoms Wiggle!

DogBlogger said...

I like licking thumb-havers' legs, too. And feet, and hands, and blue jeans, and whatever else they will let me lick. The Typist thinks I'm being overly submissive, but I just think they taste nice.

Jasper the Wonderdog said...

Great interview, Grendel!

I did not know you were a Poet Lauret. That is swell.

If my mom will ever get my blog started, I would like you to interview me. She says "Any day now, Jasper"--but she is slow. I think she reads too many Posables' blogs...


Diane said...

great answers grendel. And great questions rowan! You are a great interviewer. You know the best dog questions!
p.s. I am so glad my guardians got home from wherever-they-were yesterday.

Frasier said...

Hi Grendel
My daddy is a nice man with a motorcycle and i wish we could meet so we could take away bad memories and replace them with happy ones !!!
I would like to try licking mommys leg but i dont think i would suceed

RevDrKate said...

Maggie asked me to write and say great answers to her questions and to Rowans and to say that it's not her fault that she didn't get to see them sooner...HER guardian (that would be me) works too much and that makes her not want to do that Happiness dance so much. But you are a great dog and we look forward to reading your blog some more.

Diane said...

Grendel, we also wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed learning more about your story and how glad we are that you now know Real Love.

happy thanksgiving and gravy to you.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Grendel---Jasper and I wanted to know how your Thanksgiving went? Hope it was covered in gravy!


Frasier said...

Hi Grendel,
How are ya?