Friday, December 7, 2007

Bitumen Puppy

Mom says I am a "Bitumen Puppy." I don't know what "Bitumen" means, but she says it has something to do with the Growling. And the Snarling. I got Really Mad the other night because they tried to make me Get Off The Bed. I didn't want to Get Off The Bed. I wanted to stay and Throw Up on the bed. Is that So Wrong?

It's Simple: Just let me DO What I Want and nobody Gets Hurt.


Wormwood's Doxy said...

Oh Grendel...I feel bad now. I made Jasper get off the bed before he threw up last week. (Too many rawhides, I think...)

But look at it this way---if you throw up on the bed, your Mom has to take all the comfy covers to the laundry and then you wouldn't have a nice, soft place to snuggle.


I'm glad you blogged today! Your blog is my absolute favorite one on the whole Intertubes. (No offense to the other human or dog bloggers...)

I know your Mom is a bit busy with Grownups Behaving Badly this week---I'm glad she has you to make her feel better!


Grendel said...

Oh, it is so great to hear from you, Doxy, you are One of My Very Favorite People! I missed talking to you.

I am sorry abut Jasper. Mine was because I Ate Something Unspeakable. (Outside on the Walk) First I started Being Restless and licking my lips too much and then you know What Happens Next. Mom calls it "Intestinal Distress"...

But tell me, when a Dog's stommy feels bad, why can't you stay up on the warm bed? Huh? If you have to barf, can't you be warm and soft doing it?? That's why God made Paper Towels and HandiWipes, you know. I'm just Saying.

Jasper has a blog, but no posts. Can you fix it so I can go talk to him there?

Wormwood's Doxy said...

That's a point, Grendel. I just carried Jasper to the bathroom and patted his head while he threw up on the easy-to-clean floor. Then it was right back to the comfy bed...

I'll work on getting his blog up. He's been asking me about it, but work has been really busy lately! Bad Mommy!

(I was kind of waiting until I could take a new picture of him. We had An Incident at graduation from Puppy School, and I had to buy a new camera...)


Diane said...

Grendel, I am glad you are back too. please consider poor Scout, who doesn't get to go up on the bed at all.

pray for her. She only gets to sleep on her bed, which is at the foot of ours. There just isn't room for her.

Anyway, I know you love the bed because it has your person's wonderful smells on it and it feels so homey and comforting.