Friday, December 21, 2007

My Friends Stop By

Hi, Everybody! I Want to Say thanks to all the great Dogs and Dog Acceptors who are Stopping By. I send you all the Cosmic Woof of Love!

I am glad you came by.

Diane, why did Scout eat the soap? Was he trying to clean up his act? If he let a Stinkie after he ate the soap, would it come out as a Soap Bubble? I want to Know.

My mom also has Intense Feelings about Food because she was very poor when she was little and had to eat Horrible Things.

Just Do It. Don't wait for your mom to do the blog. Don't let the Lack of 'Posables stop you! You have Good Things to Say.

Doxy Dear,
Life with you and Jasper must be Snouterrific! Joy, Love, Parties, Juju, Marley, Ivy, and Visits! Can I come visit? I'll be Good, I Promise. No Growlies. I'll Party with the Other Animals.

I am Afraid to Ask, but What Happened to Zorra? Do you do the Protectioning now that she is gone? Why don't you have your Own Blog? I will go visit you over there.


Thank you for telling me about FrostyPaws. I have asked Santa to Bring Me you like it?

And now my questions for you (for both Dogs and Dog Acceptors):

1. What do you want the most for Christmas?

2. What is your New Year's Resolution?

Peace out, Scout!


DogBlogger said...

Hi Grendel!

What I want the most for Christmas is for The Alpha and The Typist to not have to be all worried about me.

My new year's resolution? Hmmm. To grow back this patch of hair that they shaved off my front leg at the vet today.

Diane said...

Diane is busy getting ready for Christmas, so These are Scout's Answers:

What I(Scout) want most for Christmas is my own blog. With beautiful pictures of me and my most fascinating thoughts. I wish you could hear my husky "yowls" on the blog too, as they are unique and make Diane and her husband laugh sometimes.

My new year's resolution is to have more fun and run more. I love running, do you? I don't get to do enough of it. I'm not sure why they don't let me run in the back yard more. It might have something to do with Breaking Out and Visiting the Neighbors. They think I am Running Away, but I am really visiting the Neighbors. You know, there's not enough of that these days. And most of the neighbors have dogs, so of course they would appreciate my visits. Don't you think? So, more running. That's my resolution. Woof.

zorra said...

Hi Grendel,

Mama wrote about Zorra here. She says it took her a long time to write because it still makes her sad.

Mama thinks I can't do any serious Protectioning because I'm old and don't have many teeth. But she's wrong--I can still warn strangers who come to the door, that there's a heeler inside!

What I want the most for Christmas is to get this bandage off so I can go back to licking this interesting bald spot I've made on my foot. But since Mama is reading this, I will also tell you that my New Year's resolution is to Leave My Foot Alone and let it heal.

I would love to have my own blog, but mama says she hardly makes time to write in hers, much less get me one. But she lets me blog in hers sometimes.

Merry Christmas and lots of gravy from your friend,

Jasper the Wonderdog said...

I want turkey for Christmas! Well, turkey, Meaty Treats, and more Gravy, now that I know about it.

Do you know about Meaty Treats, Grendel? Mom makes me eat healthy kibble (boring!), but I get Meaty Treats when I am a Good Dog.

I try hard to be a Good Dog, lots.

For New Years', my resolution is for my Mom to play more ball with me.

Since I had my Make-No-Babies surgery, the vet said no Running, and no Playing Ball. I'm not sure how such a major Dog Acceptor as Dr. Novak thinks this is possible. Maybe she was just having a Moment...humans seem to do that a lot.

My "rest time" ends Monday--Just in time for Christmas Eve and my 7-month birthday! There will be major Ball Playing, I'm sure!

Merry Christmas, Grendel! Come and visit me in my new Big Yard. We will have a big Party, with lots of Ball Playing and Meaty Treats!


Wormwood's Doxy said...

Merry Christmas, dear Grendel!

I have everything I ever wanted---life, love, and joy---and the people and sweet dog who bring them. Santa can give me a miss this year. :-)

As for New Year's Resolutions...I have made the same one for 20 years now, and I have always managed to keep it. I resolve never to feed marshmallows to alligators.


Rowan The Dog said...

I want a pair of sunglasses like Scout's. Lindy said she might get me some. And if she doesn't maybe Santa will. I have to wait for my friends Zena and Shiner and Iva before I can open my presents. I do think I probably have some sunglasses in there. Won't I look swell in those?