Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Doxy

My Doxy's very Busy.
She's Got No Time to read
Got Better Things to do
And so she's going to Stop

I guess that it's ok
But I will Miss Her So
She's really Awful Nice
and Easy on the Eyes.

I don't know What to Do
I have to Let It Out
I may just have to Bite
the mailman when he comes

And it will be your fault.


Wormwood's Doxy said...

Oh dear...

I'm VERY flattered that you wrote a poem about me! Thank you so much!

But, please Grendel---don't bite the mailman!

When I became a mother, I accepted the fact that everything that goes wrong in life is my fault. But I would be very sad if you bit the poor mailman. He is just doing his job, you know? And this time of year is so hard on the mail folks...

I promise to stop by here regularly---but don't tell MadPriest, because it will hurt his feelings.

Love you,

Grendel said...

OK, can I just gnaw around the edges? He should Know Better than to try to Attack the House every day.

It's Bad Form.

But I will not do it if you say so. I will even give him some Gravy!!

"but don't tell MadPriest, because it will hurt his feelings"

Does he HAVE any? He can be Mean sometimes. I'm just saying.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

You never know when the mailman might be bringing gravy, Grendel. My advice is to befriend him...

Jasper loves our mail carrier. Her name is Mary.

But then, Jasper loves EVERYBODY. He is *not* a misanthropic dog. He could actually stand to be a little more discriminating in how he hands out his affections...I don't think he would Protection very well at all. Unless he licked them to death...

As for MadPriest, I think he has lots of feelings. I suspect that his meanness is just self-Protectioning.

Of course, I could be wrong...

Grendel said...

I understand Self-Protectioning. And I am trying to Be Good.

So I will be nice to the mailman who Might Bring Gravy and to Mad Priest who Might Need Some Love.

It's just so Hard. The growls Keep Coming Out.

How did Jasper get to be So Nice? Did he ever Get Beaten by a Man on a Motorcycle?

Being Licked to Death would not be So Bad.

Diane said...

Scout says she understands about growling. she still growls sometimes (though not as often) if we want the bar of soap she is trying to eat.

she was Very Hungry as a baby, when she got sick a lot, so she has Very Intense Feelings about Food

but,(scout says) Don't bite the mailman! Some mailmen bring treats! You never know!

Scout needs her own blog. She's getting tired of me talking for her.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

It's just so Hard. The growls Keep Coming Out.

See, Grendel---this is the reason I needed to take a break from all those other blogs. They were making me Growly. :-(

How did Jasper get to be So Nice? Did he ever Get Beaten by a Man on a Motorcycle?

It makes me want to cry that anyone could have been mean to you, Grendel...

Jasper has never been beaten by anyone! He grew up in a lovely family of 9 puppies with his mom, Juju, and his uncle, Marley. His sister, Ivy, still lives with Juju and Marley and we go visit them sometimes.

Jasper is an Extrovert Extraordinaire. Like me! (That means we love to be around lots of people and go to parties. We get lots of energy that way.)

Until he came, I was the only extrovert in my family. I'm glad to finally have a member of the family who understands me.

Do you like to play with other dogs, Grendel? I know lots of dogs only like their Humans. Jasper loves everybody (even cats).

Diane said...

Scout is very Wary of Men and Motorcycles. She is sorry about Grendel, and thinks Grendel must have had a Very Hard Time.

That's why Grendel needs LOTS of gravy.

zorra said...

My sister Zorra knew a lot about Protectioning, and I think she knew an awful lot about Mean Love (not that it's really Love) before she came to live with my mama and daddy. She wouldn't let anyone attack the house, not even neighbors. Sometimes I tried to tell her they weren't really attacking the house, but she would get so mad at me then, we would end up in a fight.

I'll tell you a secret. Mama and Daddy still miss her a lot. But I don't.

Your friend,

Jasper the Wonderdog said...

Hi Grendel!

I'm still working on getting my blog going. Mom says it has something to do with the fact that I broke the camera. (I didn't mean to, honest!)

But I wanted to tell you that my Mom got me some Gravy!

She didn't know about Gravy until you told her. So thanks!

Your grateful friend,