Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Interview

Maggie sent me questions for the Interview!! I am So Excited!! I am Going to Be Famous!!!
Here they are and What I said About them:

1. How did you come to live with your person?

I was with the Nice Lady at The Farm who accepts dogs with No Families and takes care of them until People Adopt them. We went to PetSmart to Get Adopted and saw mom and dad who were buying cat food. Mom had Cancer and spent most of the weekend In Bed with KeeMo, so they got me to be with Mom In Bed until she Got Better. (She did)

2. What is the best time you ever had?

I went to Phoenix, Arizona (That is in East Fresno) to see my Aunt and Uncle and the Yip Dog. (Her name is Isabella) I got to Play with the Yip Dog. We Broke Down on the way and stayed in the Hotel. Wow it was fun!!!

Mom said we Dropped a Tranny. That was because we drove the GreaseCar and not the Hybrid.

3. If you could meet any famous dog who would it be and why?

Laika, the Brave Brave Dog, and it would be to Rescue her. I would take her home and we would Have Gravy together.

4. What is your favorite treat?

Oh, boy, I love Pizza Crust!! When mom and dad get the BellyBuster Pizza from the Pizza Is Love store, they save the crusts for me (sometimes dad eats them)...and Gravy, but that is not a Treat, that is Crucial.

5. This is my favorite question, I ask it of all my subjects (but I owe it to Tipper who asked me), how do you like to begin and end your day?

I begin my day In Bed Under the Covers by mom's feet. I Think about Things and Make Up Poems. Then dad brings mom Coffee and me Yogurt to eat so I Don't Eat Poop. (It Doesn't Work but I like it). I know it is Time to Go Out when I hear the Dish on the Floor. Then we Go for a Walk.

At Night I am also In Bed while they Read Books. Dad goes to Sleep First then mom. I Think about Things Some More. Then I sleep too. I know I am lucky. God Loves me a lot and I love him. I wish I could be Nicer.

Thank you So Much for interviewing me, Maggie!! It was so much Fun!!! If you are a dog or EVEN a cat, I could interview you, too, 'cause there Are Rules. Let me know.


Rowan The Dog said...

You ARE famous Grendel. I don't see how any human could not be a dog acceptor after reading your answers.

I wish I could go with you to rescue Laika. I feel sad when I think about those poor humans who don't even have a good enough heart to be loyal to their friend. Some humans did not get good hearts. I bet Laika was a fun dog and she could probably run real fast too. I love Laika.

Going to start my Happiness Dance now.



Grendel said...

Dear Rowan,

I Wonder About That. Some people just aren't dog acceptors. Mom and Dad went to the SPCA today to see about Sneakaround Jones getting put into a Box (He went to the Rainbow Bridge) and there were lots of dogs there that Had No Homes. And they weren't Bad Dogs, either.

It's Very Sad.