Thursday, November 8, 2007

I am Traumatized. Again.

Mom says I got Too Fragrant. So I had to Get A Bath. It was Horrible.

First off, I had to wear The Muzzle:Then I Got Drenched:
Then I Got Dried:

Then I got Wrapped in a Blanket warmed in the Dryer:

I Feel Slightly Better Now.


Diane said...

so sorry about the muzzle Grendel. glad you are feeling better.
Scout needs a bath very badly as well.

RevDrKate said...

Hi Grendel, Maggie here, I got your message about the Interview and it will be GREAT. RevDrKate has to do something she calls Traveling far a few days and she won't be able to type for me till Monday, but I will have questions for you then.

Grendel said...

Yay!!!!!!!!! I'm going to Get Interviewed!!!!! Yay!!!!!

I can't wait
I can't wait
I can't wait

Well, I can wait until Monday...I understand about the Posables.

Thank you! I am so Happy!!! Yay!

Thank you Diane, about Understanding that the Muzzle is Problematic.

Diane said...

maggie is certainly doing a lot of interviewing these days! looking forward to the interview as well

DogBlogger said...

Hi Grendel -- The Boy and I had to Get Baths last night. Apparently we may be getting to go for a RIDE soon, and the thumb-havers don't want the car to smell like we smelled before our baths. I don't see the problem, but oh, well...


p.s. I am having The Typist add you to my blog sidebar.

Grendel said...

Oh, yay!!!! I will be added to a dog blog!!

This is Big News Indeed!

Frasier said...

A blanket warmed in the dryer....Thats how heaven feels like !

Rowan The Dog said...

Sorry about your bath Grendel. I don't like them either and what I don't understand is that Lindy gives me one just after I've fragranced myself. I'll never understand humans, I'll tell you what.

On the plus side, I DO like the drying off part. It feels like getting petted.

Love ,


Rowan The Dog said...

Me and Lindy like to be on blogrolls too so I just added you over at my place. You are right between Misty and Cub. Plus, I used your title!



Anonymous said...

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